Lesson 47 and practice

One of the testers at work uses an excerpt from Lesson 47 of Lessons Learned in Software Testing as an email signature.  The lesson’s heading reads:  You can’t master testing unless you reinvent it. I reread the entry in the book and the bit that struck me the most reads:

If you want to be good at this, you have to practice.

(I hear this in my head as if it’s spoken by someone with a shifu-like voice… must be because of hearing one of the character voices in Red Alert 3 in the background.)  Although this may not be the main point of the lesson (or it could be), I want to reiterate the point that a prerequisite of mastery is practice.  Before you can go about reinventing testing, you’d actually have to be proficient at it.  Before you can “be the author of your own wisdom”, I think you need experience (lots and lots of it) from which you’ll draw that wisdom from.

I’d place a nice segue here but I can’t think of any at the moment (it’s way past my bedtime).  I just want to post a couple of links here.  The first link is to an article giving insights on how to practice software testing, the second link is to a blog post by a test manager who values keeping testing in practice.

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