Wishing for more time

I came to work last Saturday feeling sick… I was breaking into a cold sweat and I had this annoying headache probably because I was out quite late the previous night. My body also felt sore due due to the tennis session with workmates from the day before.  I could have gone to work feeling better if (a) I didn’t want to indulge myself with an imax movie with friends, and (b) I didn’t want to try out something new and engage in some physical activities.

Last night, before I went to bed, I did a breakdown of my workday:

  • At least 9hrs at work – mandatory 8 hours + 1 hour lunch
  • At least 2hrs to prep and go to work – includes buying breakfast to eat at my seat in the office
  • At least 1 hr for dinner
  • At least .5 hr to commute home
  • At least .5 hr to clean up
  • At least 7 hrs for sleep
  • Leaving only at most (but definitely always less) 4 hours for any other stuff including errands and household chores

I wish I had more time for learning, my geekish fixes and exercise.

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