Too young to be jaded

Yesterday, I approached one of the testers in another project regarding a problem I encountered when I tried to use their system.  I asked him if I had done something wrong or if he had encountered the same problem before.  It turns out that part of the screen hadn’t been tested yet.  Later on, he told me that he was able to replicate it when he tried the screen with Firefox.

He sounded worried that the system was supposed to “look good” in IE, yet even in IE there were still so many quirks.  And they didn’t seem to have a plan for testing it across different environments.  He said, it’s already the System Test phase yet it still felt like CUT.  Giving comfort hasn’t been one of my strong suits… I told him that the higher-ups in his team probably has something up their sleeves to handle these risks.  He blatantly told me that it doesn’t seem like they did.

I’ve no inside scoop on what goes on in the poor guy’s project.  I just know that they’ve been going on consecutive overtimes for quite some time now.  It’s unhealthy in more ways than one.  It’s also sad that he doesn’t seem to be confident about how the higher-ups are handling things.

I left the office that Saturday afternoon feeling a bit bad.  Those going on OTs are still just kids (well, I guess so am I but i’m just a slightly older kid) and it’s sad if they become jaded or build up some learned helplessness this early.

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