My current function under test is supposed to handle extraction of archived files. Zip, unzip it sounds so easy! But often times, things aren’t as easy as they sound. Inevitably, I came across some unexpected problems though while I was testing:

  • My previous version of 7zip (4.57) changed the special characters to underscores. This was remedied by an upgrade to 7zip 4.62.
  • I wanted to come up with a “corrupted” file. To achieve that, I just opened the zip file with my trusty text editor and tampered with the contents.
  • I used PowerArchiver to create a spanned archive. In one case, I included only one zip file from the set. In another, I included all zip files from the set. In both cases, no decompress error was raised. The folders turned out empty though.
  • I used 3 different tools to create archives of the a folder containing special characters (Chinese characters, ☼, !@#$%^&-_=) Windows’ send to compressed (zipped) folder, PowerArchiver and 7zip. I kept getting decompress errors for the zip files created by PowerArchiver.
  • Using the mac mini, I created an archive with a folder containing special characters. During decompression though, “繁馬陳門診從務數” became “τ╣üΘª¼ΘÖ│ΘûÇΦ¿║σ╛₧σïÖµò╕” and “la niña” became “la nin╠âa”.
  • Using a linux machine, I created an archive. By default (either that, or “.tar.gz” was the last format chosen), the archive created had a .tar.gz extension. We’re supposed to support gzip files, but not tar files. But since linux’s default archival would involve tar files, it looks like we’d have to support it. My dev’s quite quick the fix for this is already included in the next build!

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