Common courtesy is not that common

I rarely have the need to print, but last week, I had to print a single-page document. After guestimating that the printing ought to be done, I got up from my seat and headed towards the nearest shared printer. But, alas, no printout since no paper was loaded onto the tray. I got several clean sheets, loaded it, and waited for my printout.  Once it started printing though, it spewed out several pages of the same functional specs.  I checked out the stash of prior printouts, and it turned out to be the same thing.  The pile of unclaimed printouts was more or less half-an-inch thick.  That was such a waste.

The other thing that bugs me is that whoever made the printouts didn’t even bother to replenish the paper tray.  I also hate it when someone uses up all of the paper towels in the pantry without bothering to throw the plastic container and without bothering to get fresh stock from the cupboard. Or when some guy tapped out the water dispenser without bothering to reload it with another water jug.  Or when someone uses the pantry sink and leaves traces of the instant noodles that he just had. Or, worse, when someone didn’t quite flush the toilet that you’re about to use.  These are petty annoyances, I know. But you’d think that cleaning up as you go or having a shared resource ready for the next user after you’re done using it is already common courtesy.  Bummer, like common sense, common courtesy is not that common.

One thought on “Common courtesy is not that common

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