Good citizenship

I suppose common courtesy ought to fall under good citizenship.  Cockburn wrote that “Good citizenship is a matter of acting in ways that benefit others” (emphasis is mine).   Samples of citizenship coming into play that he cited includes getting to meetings on time, answering questions from other people, bothering to mention things that one notices, etc.

Going deeper, I suppose the prereqs of good citizenship include respect and responsibility.

  • respect for resources that aren’t yours — you clean as you go; you don’t print if you don’t really need it
  • respect for other people — you don’t go ordering people around esp if you’re not their boss; you don’t leave the pantry messy just because there’s Marlyn and Dendyn who can do the cleaning up
  • respect for other people’s time — you keep your email concise and direct to the point; you don’t keep a meeting longer than it already is by asking questions on parts that you missed because you were sleeping
  • respect for your time — you make the most of the hours required at work so you can spend more time for yourself after work
  • responsible for your tasks — doing what you’re supposed to do, plus doing it right and doing it on time, plus trying to find better ways to do your tasks; you don’t just dump it at the last minute to someone else on a Saturday with an excuse that you’ve got somewhere else to be — as if that someone else doesn’t have a life
  • responsible for your words — you honor your words even if it’s not in writing
  • responsible for your growth — you try to keep on learning

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