Simultaneous BSOD

The other day, an interesting thing happened at work.  Several machines suddenly got the blue screen of death all at the same time.  This didn’t only happen once.  It happened again within 30 minutes of the first simultaneous BSOD with nearly the same set of machines being affected.  Minutes pass, and yet another simultaneous BSOD occurred — this time on another set of machines including mine.

I got to chat with one of the sysads/pc engineers and he told me that they’ve found the culprit.  One of the machines was causing the simultaneous BSOD to other machines in the network that it got connected to.  First two instances was at the .4 network, and then they just had to try it out at the .5 network.  Many quipped, why not try it at .50.

Today, one of the sysads sent out an email — a press release — on their findings.  It wasn’t a virus attack or a pccillin bug as many had thought.  He said that they were able to trace the problem to a defective LAN card which sent out malformed packets.


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