Cover issues

A few weeks back, I found out from my housemate that James Bach’s Secrets of a Buccaneer-Scholar was available at Fully Booked. I made an inquiry at their nearest branch and reserved their only copy. I was pleasantly surprised back then since I didn’t think it would be available here and I thought I’d have to resort to if I wanted to buy it.

A few days after buying it though, I spotted copies of the same book by chance at National Bookstore under their self-help section. Well, it was the same book but it was a different print/edition which sported a much nicer cover than the one I have (plus it was hardbound whereas mine was a paperback edition and i think it cost less than my copy). The other book was prettier! My housemate consoled me by telling me it’s the same book anyway. I repeated that to myself, reminded myself not to judge a book by its cover, and secretly wished that the other book stank (literally; I’ve weird issues with how book smells like).

book covers

Book covers of the same book; mine's with the one at the right

After I got over the other edition, one good thing that came out of it was that I was able to enjoy the book more. I was still extra careful in handling it (i still don’t take it out of the house) but not as obnoxiously scrupulous as I would have normally been. I’ve actually finished reading the book but I occasionally still leaf through it.  I find it to be a good source of inspiration since I find the author’s passion for learning to be quite contagious and invigorating.


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