Looking forward to no-work-Saturdays

The boss and his entourage flew in last Thursday. As usual, a company meeting got called but this time it was held at the newest part of the office.  Turns out, they’ve acquired one more unit.  I’ve heard it’s to be used for training.  Anyway, during the meeting, the boss made an announcement that effective April 1 (yes, April Fools’ Day) of next year, there’ll be no more Saturday work — except for 15 Saturdays to be used for training.  They haven’t panned out the details yet though.

As much as I’m glad that they’ve finally called Saturdays off, I still wish they called it off sooner. Yesterday would have been a perfect start.  Over the past few days, I’ve been feeling dog-tired because of the OT’s and standby’s. Then last Friday, we had our company Christmas party which lasted up to around 11. The following Saturday / yesterday, I really wanted to just sleep in and rest.  But attendance was required, so eventually I was able to drag myself to work, just barely and arrived at the office around lunch time.  I hadn’t even booted my PC yet when I was told of an extremely critical issue.  And just like that, my Saturday plans went down the drain.  I spent over 8 hrs in the office… on a Saturday!!!

[edit] After work, I still managed to buy what I had planned on buying — thanks to extended store hours in line with the Christmas season. For the remainder of the day, I spent it sifting through so many unread google reader feeds and tagging items I’ll read / watch on what’s left of my weekend.

In one blog post, I found someone had written out something that somewhat echoes my sentiments (this sentence OD’s on “some”):

So I’ve not blogged for almost a month now. I could have the same excuse. But then as I analyzed it I know what’s the actual reason is: I’ve been working so hard that I simply avoid learning. I avoid thinking about what I do right and what I do wrong. I think I’m just burned out so much that I avoid thinking about testing.


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