Beautiful Testing free excerpts

I noticed that in one of the forums in the Software Testing Club, Matt Heusser shared a link to his chapter in the book, Beautiful Testing. That reminded me of a blog post by Lisa Crispin sharing her chapter. I had an insanely optimistic idea that maybe I could google each contributor’s chapter. That way I wouldn’t have to shell out $42.33 (the discounted price at but that’s still without shipping costs). That’s not cheap where I come from. A minimum wage worker will need at least 5 days worth of labor just to afford that. Although software testing isn’t a minimum wage job but that’s beside the point. Another way of looking at it — the book would cost as much as 17 Big Macs here.

And so I googled: “Beautiful Testing” filetype:PDF

Of course, I didn’t get all the chapters. I managed to get 5 which isn’t so bad either.

  • Chapter 7: Beautiful XMPP Testing by Remko Tronçon
  • Chapter 14: Test-Driven Development: Driving New Standards of Beauty by Jennitta Andrea
  • Chapter 15: Beautiful Testing as the Cornerstone of Business Success by Lisa Crispin
  • Chapter 16: Peeling the Glass Onion at Social Text by Matt Heusser
  • Chapter 23: Testing Network Services in Multimachine Scenarios by Isaac Clerencia

If these teasers lure you in, you can purchase the book online. Either at where it retails at $42.33 ($33.99 for the Kindle edition, or at where it sells for $49.99 ($39.99 for the ebook version).

Happy reading!


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