Selenium discussed in pinoyjug meetup

Last Friday, a couple of friends and I headed over to the G2IX Techbar to attend a PinoyJUG meetup. It was the second time for my housemate and me, and I think it was a first for Renz. As with the last time, I had wanted to be as inconspicuous as possible. For one, I’m not a Java developer, and second, I’m not even a developer. Although I tend to rationalize (rather lamely) that it’s a Java User Group, and don’t we all use Java.

Anyway, there were two talks scheduled for that evening. One’s on Aspect Oriented Programming with Spring by Jasper Blues, and the other one which is more relevant to me was on Automated Testing with Selenium by Aaron Tinio.

I have tried playing around with the Selenium IDE before but not really in depth. I basically tried to create some tests on a login function using the record and playback feature. During the talk, the speaker demonstrated the use of Selenium RC which I’ve never tried out for myself or seen in action before. It was way better than the IDE since you can just issue out commands to manipulate and check your browser’s content. So that bit was really interesting for me. I also liked the faker gem he used to generate random data. That seems quite nifty.

The company’s intending to have some training lined up for the staff. I wonder if they (whoever is on the planning committee) are considering automated testing at all. Although I am not hopeful. But if they are, Selenium seems to be worth a shot.

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