A first-timer at WTANZ

I’ve been hearing about Weekend Testing for quite some time now. From what I’ve heard, the WT sessions usually last for two hours. Participants are given their mission and they conduct their testing on the first hour, after which they have a discussion for the second hour covering stuff like bugs found and lessons learned. WT initially started out in India, and has quickly gotten the attention of testers from all over the globe. I’ve heard of Cem Kaner and James Bach joining in on these sessions. Soon enough, a European chapter of WT was formed. And just recently, the ANZ chapter was formed and they had their first session this Sunday.

I didn’t exactly had my mind set on joining today’s session. My Sundays are usually reserved for visiting my parents’ home and for errands. But since I didn’t go home to my folks’ place today, I had the afternoon free and so I gave it a shot.

For today’s session, we tried out a mortgage calculator. The primary mission was to verify the functional correctness of the calculator. Other missions were to check on usability and browser compatibility. What follows is a hodgepodge of some of the stuff that was tried, bugs found and tools.

  • (tool) http://bugrepository.com for logging bugs
  • (tool) I used an excel spreadsheet to plot my inputs, expected and actual outputs
  • (tool) Some compared the outputs to the outputs of other online mortgage calculators
  • (bug) Interesting finds were the lack of data validation e.g., negative loan amounts, negative interest rates, no maximum limit for the number of digits, etc.
  • (bug) Something I wasn’t able to explore further was a weird behavior wherein my input for the interest field “10000000000000000000000000” became “10,000,000,000,000,000,905,969,664.00”
  • (bug) I triggered a division by zero error by setting the start and end dates as the same date
  • (usability / accessibility) Lack of color contrast of the calculate button
  • (bug) $100, 10%, 10999 years as input gives “$inf” for the Total interest you will pay in today’s dollars
  • (bug) Loan period lasts for 10998 years by entering -999 and 9999 in the year fields
  • (tool) http://browsershots.org for multiple browser testing
  • (tool) I tried out http://ipadpeek.com which distracted me a bit from the mission :p
  • (usability) The “nominal dollars” and “today’s dollars” links didn’t seem to do anything. I had a tendency on clicking on the “today’s dollars” link instead of the provided check box.
  • (usability) This is out of scope but I think the links at the side look too much like plain text.
  • (tool) Suggested tool: VirtualBox.org for testing multiple browsers
  • (tool) Suggested tool: AllPairs tool at James Bach’s website for combinations to test
  • (oracle) Some used personal data — “data that is very familiar to you so errors would be easily spotted.”
  • (tool) Suggested tools: HTML Validators — http://validator.w3.org/ or HttpLiveHeaders plug-in for Firefox
  • (tool) Suggested tool: Windows Live Writer, a note-taking tool used by Ram who was able to post a blog write-up within the WT session
  • (bug in test tool) When logging an issue in bugrepository, the only option for the mandatory Category field combo box is “(select)”.

2 thoughts on “A first-timer at WTANZ

  1. Hi Keis,

    [info] I like your notes.
    [idea] This might help testers jot down their thoughts at that moment instead of searching under which category it should be written.

    Thanks for participating.

    Ajay Balamurugadas

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