WTANZ03 and my toolkit

Last Sunday’s weekend testing session was quite unlike the previous two that I’ve joined. Usually, the session is split into two parts wherein we do testing at the first half and then have the discussion at the second half. This time, we spent the entire two hours on a sharing session on tools. There a 21-page chat transcript of the session, and alternatively there’s my summary which I approximate to be around 2 to 3 pages long. The summary’s not comprehensive, of course… I simply listed out the tools that had been mentioned.

Anyway, the session’s topic also had me thinking of the bare minimum set of tools that I’d want in my workstation. Just a couple of months ago, I got a new laptop for work and right after the required installations I went on to install or download the apps/tools that I felt I couldn’t do without. They’re listed out below, along with other handy stuff from my home laptop  (well, only those at the top of my head).

  • Tiddlywiki – I’ve been keeping a personal wiki for my notes, to-do’s, etc. It’s my paste bin for ideas and links to revisit later on. Initially, I wanted to use OneNote, but back then I only had it on my home laptop and not on my work PC. Plus, I wanted something easily portable.
  • Notepad++ – My preferred text editor. It also has syntax highlighting and has a tabbed layout, and you can configure it to run applications e.g., i can run ruby scripts directly from n++.
  • Gadwin Printscreen – A screen capture tool so that I won’t have to use Print Screen + Paste to Paint. It automatically names and saves the screenshot into your directory of choice.
  • Winmerge – Used for comparing files. Notepad++ also has a compare function but I guess I’m just more used to Winmerge.
  • 7zip – For file compression; It has better handling of files with Chinese characters than the default in Windows.
  • Wordweb (free version) – An English dictionary and thesaurus. Its advantage is that it can be used offline.
  • Firefox add-ons like Firebug and Web Developer Toolbar had been helpful when I wanted to play around with form data. Fireshot is another screen capture tool, and it allows one to capture the entire page including those that can only be seen by scrolling down). Echofon, I use for following tweets. Delicious, for my bookmarks.
  • Other stuff… I’d most likely tag them as nifty stuff if I posted them here. 🙂

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