Cleaning up my feeds

Over time, I’ve accumulated quite a lot of feeds in my Google reader. Some feeds haven’t released anything new in ages; some release content that I only tend to mark as unread which makes me wonder why I subscribed to them in the first place; and of course, there are some that I still continue to be keen on.

Sometimes I feel this compulsive need to declutter, and so I went on right ahead and unsubscribed from ALL of my feeds (I backed them up before unsubscribing), and have begun the process of adding stuff back in. So far, I’ve re-subscribed to the blogs of friends, to feeds of web comics I enjoy reading (Dilbert, xkcd, Savage Chickens, etc), and to a couple of Google Alerts. (But, of course, I re-added only the ones I still want to follow which is kind of the point of decluttering :p)

As for the testing-related feeds, it just so happens that the Software Testing Club had just revamped their testing feeds website. I was wondering why I couldn’t access the page early the other day and couldn’t retrieve any web clips from it through the rss reader on my google desktop either. It was back up when I went online after work, and just in time for my decluttering thing.

I referred to the 20 or so most recent posts in their Bloggers feed and (re)subscribed to those that I particularly liked. I figure I’ll just subscribe to the rest as I find them in the Bloggers feed. My recent (re)additions were:


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