Malabo is a Tagalog word meaning “unclear”. So if, for example, you’re near-sighted then your eyesight is malabo. If you’re looking through glass which has smudges on it, then you can’t really see through it because it’s malabo.

On the other hand, the word’s figurative meanings are things one could find annoying and in a lot of instances quite inconvenient. Say if you’re talking with someone who’s very ambiguous, then that guy’s malabo. He says one thing and does another, then he’s malabo. She says she’ll do something and completely forgets all about it, malabo. If that other person is so confusing, again malabo.

You might be thinking that this is a ranty kind of post. As much as dealing with malabo folks can be a pain, nah… well, not so much :p. My intent on writing this is to send out an invitation to anyone reading this (most likely, just me in the future) to not be malabo. Don’t be difficult to deal with. Be straightforward. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Don’t be malabo.

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