Back-end and Front-end validations

When it comes to validations, it’s safer to handle it both in the front-end AND also the back-end. You can’t just rely on front-end validation because the request that gets sent to the server can be tampered/modified. Typically, you have the same set of validations implemented in both the back-end and the front-end. We typically test via the app/system’s user interface only so we don’t get to directly test the back-end validations… most of the time, the front-end has already filtered our inputs / validated such that by the time the request is sent to the back-end, more or less, the data should also pass back-end validations.

Case 1

The case below shows how the back-end validation captured the comparison between the start and end dates. Although, there shouldn’t have been such a comparison to begin with because the end date field was supposed to be hidden, but the front-end had passed on the incorrect information.

Just an elaboration of the case below:

What we see on screen

What we expect

What actually happened

  1. User enters the following for experience:
    • start date Apr 2016
    • end date Feb 2016
  2. User checks box to indicate he’s currently working there
    • That hides the end date
  3. User proceeds with saving the profile

Saving should be successful.

Start date = Apr 2016

isCurrent = 1 (yes)

Error on saving occurs.

This is because the information on end date is still sent. Back-end validation fails because Apr 2016 > Feb 2016.

Case 2 [10/28/2016]

Here’s another case wherein the back-end validation got triggered because the front-end validations didn’t get triggered. Our application works with migrated data from an existing system. So what we tried was to open a migrated record and save it using our edit form. Normally, front-end validations would have prevented a particular field from being null, but since we didn’t use the front-end ui to create/edit the record that field ended up being null. On save, the error was still captured thanks to back-end validation.


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