Checking out: StaySafe.PH

I’ve been seeing tweets urging folks to sign up or check out which came out rather recently (just this Apr 10, I think). So I did.

Started in the landing page. What caught my eye, apart from the layout of the buttons, is that it offers contact tracing, health condition reporting, and it’s said to be a social distancing system.

I wanted to understand more, so I scrolled down… Disregarding the layout again, it tells me that StaySafe will remind me to keep distance from communities with COVID-19 cases, and StaySafe will give me tips on what to do if I happen to encounter symptoms (but they said “when” so that’s a downer).

I went ahead and registered. Afterwards, I logged in, and shared my health status. I’m then taken to the home page. The typo on “Lets” and the layout of those buttons are slightly distracting.

Now I’m at a point where I wonder where’s the stuff that it said it’ll do. Since I have no symptoms, I guess it’s pretty understandable why I didn’t get any tips. OK. Now as for the other thing “StaySafe will remind you to keep distance from communities with COVID-19 cases”. I’m pretty much staying put at home and not really going out all to other communities. Nevertheless, I’m looking at the home page and I’m thinking how is it going to do that? Maybe through those buttons labeled PH, MAP, and 3D under “COVID-19 Updates”?

I clicked on the PH button… and I pretty much just see stats that are also reported with better breakdown elsewhere. Also the DOH shared that they’re revising the classification from PUM (person under monitoring) and PUI (person under investigation), and will shift to using SUSPECT, PROBABLE and CONFIRMED. That’s pretty recent so it’s understandable why the site hasn’t caught up to that change.

Moving on… I click on the MAP button next. And it’s a map, fair enough. But I can’t do much with it. Can’t zoom in. Can’t see the communities with higher concentration of COVID-19 cases which would have been more useful.

Then I click on 3D next.

So I’m back at the home page thinking I’m not getting much use out of this. I revisit the article on CNN Philippines, “PH launches online COVID-19 tracking, emergency response system“. There it said:

“The data will then be sent to a “heat map” in the platform’s admin dashboard which will then show the areas and the number of people exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms.” Ah, so the helpful info is only available in some admin dashboard that I don’t have access to.

“The online platform was designed to help medical frontliners, local government units, private companies, as well as the national government, to monitor the health condition of residents and conduct more efficient contact tracing... Medical frontliners will receive alerts from the system, allowing them to immediately respond to severe COVID-19 cases and provide direct online consultations to patients.” Oh, maybe they should have gone with that in the page explaining what the site is for.

That’s about it I guess. Nothing much to do in the site, although I really hope I wouldn’t have to use it for reporting symptoms or seeking help.

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