First 90 days in my new work as Test Manager

I received a notification that I’ve just gone through my first 90 days. And I thought: wow, that was fast! They say time flies when you’re having fun, or maybe when you’re busy, or a mix of both. I remember having a Covid scare early this year, having to self isolate, and stressing out about having to complete both my exit and entry requirements amidst the concern of needing to go out for some of the requirements while the country was around the peak of its Covid cases. I wanted to fast forward to February. And now it’s already May!

Had I written this in April, I would’ve put in “It’s gonna be May!” along with an NSYNC or Justin Timberlake photo.

So what’s been up so far, me?

  • Started in another company this 2/2/22
  • Been part of two projects so far
  • Worked on a test maturity assessment for one project
  • Collaborated with other testers for end-to-end scenarios
  • Conducted interviews, reviewed CVs
  • Had a couple or so iterations of my pool of interview questions
  • Did admin and figured out onboarding stuff for our growing team of testers here in Manila
  • Currently involved in an Agile project that’s building the front-end of a web application
  • Collaborated with an SDET, providing him with my test cases and consultation on his Gherkin scenarios
  • Worked with Mokku, one of my best friends for the past three sprints
  • Worked with WireMock
  • Reconnected with Postman
  • Tested a few stuff around breakpoints and time (time zone, time differences)
  • Recently received our project team’s access to BrowserStack

Outside of work, but somewhat work-related

  • Moved some of my project-notes into GitHub
  • Reread The Effective Executive, and read The Making of a Manager

It’s been a busy (a happy kind) quarter!

Totally outside of work…

Not that anyone’s asking:

  • Celebrated Summer’s 10th birthday (Summer’s a golden retriever)
  • Been able to leave Kenny unattended on RTO days (Kenny’s a foster cat, and RTO stands for Return to Office)
  • Watched the two seasons of Lower Decks, and episodes of the ongoing season 2 of Picard
  • Catalogued the stray cats I’ve been feeding in Airtable (here’s a shareable view)
  • Renewed my Driver’s License, and it’s now good for 10 years
  • Confirmed my precinct and voter’s status for the upcoming PH election
  • Dined out at Friday’s with one of my best friends since grade school
  • Went out to meet my nephew, and even got to hang out with him in Fully Booked

Yes, going out is a highlight because we went from 30k+ new cases daily early this year. Thankfully, it’s down to a 7-day average of 199 as of googling.

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