One link leads to another: TestOps

This is just a rambly post of some interesting stuff I read this morning in between chores.

One of the links shared in the book I recently read was a reference to “Three Little Questions” from a talk by Ioana Serban. I decided to check out the video posted in 2016 in YouTube, just under 40 minutes long. The title of the talk was “TestOps – Chasing the White Whale“. It was pretty interesting. The presenter shared her lines of reasoning, briefly touched on Oracles, gave three very concrete examples, and (this last one’s just a personal aside) one of the images used seemed quite timely because I’ve been seeing a lot of Johnny Depp in my social media feeds.

Coming from there, I went on to check out her twitter @ioanasaysgo, and the latest post was a retweet about http status codes by @b0rk. I found that timely because in my current testing project I often need to trigger or simulate various response codes. Several of the replies were just as interesting particularly about 1xx, 418 (I’m a Teapot), and a link to a decision tree for choosing which status code to return. And from there, I came across these three:

Taking a step back to @b0rk’s tweets. One of the recent things she posted was this link to this blog post, Not My Job.

Taking a step back to @ioanasaysgo’s profile. I saw a link she posted in her profile to her Medium account and from there I came across her post from 2014, The Resident Expert. In that post, there was mention of some slides about a presentation on raising the test bar. Too bad, the link no longer works. But there was a link to the presenter’s twitter, @testchick, and in turn to her site, Next up I’ll probably check out are the interview related links mentioned in that site’s list of resources.

And it’s time for try to look for lunch.

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