Kurosagi trolls

At work, we’ve got this server called Kurosagi in our local network which provides some collaborative tools e.g., WordPress blogs, Laconica microblog, Trac, a CMS, etc.  The most recent addition to Kurosagi is the imageboard where one can post photos and comments on those photos. Inevitably, word of it got out. Then one morning, a co-worker posted in the microblog that there was suddenly a lot of posts in the imageboard. I took a very quick look and found it peppered with trolls. I didn’t chance upon anything explicit or obscene; just a lot of useless/pointless posts that I reckon are a waste of space. It did get Renz pretty riled up though and he posted a stern warning on how the imageboard should be used. And Daniw, the current Kurosagi moderator, immediately took to cleaning up the mess.

Below’s a couple of sayings that echo my thoughts on the trolls:

  • You give an inch, and they’ll take a mile.
  • Hanlon’s Razor: Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity.

It’s a sorry thing that Renz and the other decent imageboard users had to point out what should have been common sense i.e., since it’s in the office network, the posts ought to be kept appropriate for the office network. But then again, as I often remind myself, common sense isn’t altogether that common.