Prezi: Outlook 2010 tips

Previously, I created a prezi which I shared during our team meeting on Staying Afloat in Email. I basically tried to cover some ideas and guidelines for managing email. This included the concept of Inbox Zero, the email charter (save our inboxes!), and an outline for a short email.

Just in case I get lined up for another knowledge sharing, I decided to make another prezi for Outlook 2010 tips and tricks. Some might seem pretty basic, but sometimes it’s the basic or the obvious that needs restating.

Just in case the embed code doesn’t work, here’s a link to the prezi.

My first prezi: Staying afloat in email

Yeah, I know, I know, Prezi isn’t exactly so new. But at work, we often have to use MS PowerPoint, and the presentations that I’ve had to prepare needed to have sufficient text so that the audience (well, more of the reader) can go through the material on their own. So anyways, my manager asked me to do some knowledge sharing in our team meeting. I took it as an opportunity to do a presentation using Prezi. That and I worked on it on my home PC which doesn’t have MS Office installed.

My presentation is about managing email, and I used my previous post on staying afloat in email as the reference for its contents. I do wish I had more time to find and add better/more images. But I did manage to sneak in a few pictures of my dog. 😉

Just in case the embed code doesn’t work, here’s a link to the prezi.