Browsing through 2010

I went through my public 2010 blog posts and summarized what I had written about down in the list below. Not much for this year, not that it’s the quantity of posts that matters. But back in 2008 and 2009, I averaged about 4 entries a month. This has now dwindled to 2 entries a month.

Is this thanks to microblogging? Have I less to gripe, er write, about? Are the iTouch apps too much of a time-sink than I would like to admit? Has having to censor my work due to confidentiality clauses become a deterrent? Have I become too busy with work?

Whatever the reason is, I’ve found 2 entries a month to be somewhat manageable. So my goal for 2011 is to have the discipline to keep at it. Not just the writing, per se; it’s more of the learning. Testing blogs, social networks like twitter and the software testing club, and – more recently – the weekend testing sessions have provided me with invaluable opportunities for learning and exposure to new technologies, techniques, tools, ideas. I reckon I’ll continue tapping on to these resources in the coming year.


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Updating my feeds

It’s been nearly two months since I’ve cleaned up my reader feeds. I’ve added back some of my subscriptions back then but for most parts I’ve still been using the Software Testing Club’s blogger feeds. This evening, I felt like updating my subscriptions and highlighting some more blogs that I enjoy reading:

Cleaning up my feeds

Over time, I’ve accumulated quite a lot of feeds in my Google reader. Some feeds haven’t released anything new in ages; some release content that I only tend to mark as unread which makes me wonder why I subscribed to them in the first place; and of course, there are some that I still continue to be keen on.

Sometimes I feel this compulsive need to declutter, and so I went on right ahead and unsubscribed from ALL of my feeds (I backed them up before unsubscribing), and have begun the process of adding stuff back in. So far, I’ve re-subscribed to the blogs of friends, to feeds of web comics I enjoy reading (Dilbert, xkcd, Savage Chickens, etc), and to a couple of Google Alerts. (But, of course, I re-added only the ones I still want to follow which is kind of the point of decluttering :p)

As for the testing-related feeds, it just so happens that the Software Testing Club had just revamped their testing feeds website. I was wondering why I couldn’t access the page early the other day and couldn’t retrieve any web clips from it through the rss reader on my google desktop either. It was back up when I went online after work, and just in time for my decluttering thing.

I referred to the 20 or so most recent posts in their Bloggers feed and (re)subscribed to those that I particularly liked. I figure I’ll just subscribe to the rest as I find them in the Bloggers feed. My recent (re)additions were:

Testing blogs

I’ve bookmarked quite a lot of testing related links through already. But I guess these are the few that I regularly check:

  • Testing Reflections – “A hub for Software Testing knowledge and information… A mind-share blog for the Software Development and Testing community”
  • Questioning Software – primarily because of the list of blogs that Ben Simo reads
  • Test This Blog – Eric Jacobson’s blog on testing stuff
  • Creative Chaos – Matt Heusser’s blog
  • All Things Quality – Joe Strazzere’s blog; found out about the google chrome bug from him