On Technical Excellence

I was just thinking about this topic this morning. There’s COVID-19, anxiety on what’s been happening, bills to pay; so sure, add this into the mix. In particular, I’m thinking about how I can’t eloquently put to words or can’t stress enough the importance of technical excellence. In my head, I’m just thinking that if you want us to work fast and produce-produce-produce, what’s going to make us faster is if we actually know what we’re doing and if we’re good at what we’re doing. (I sometimes feel a slight cringe when I use that overused word, “actually”.)

Anyways, just listing out here some of this morning’s reads which I’ll probably revisit when I’m feeling more energized:

2 thoughts on “On Technical Excellence

    • Thanks for taking the time to respond. Definitely a ray of sunshine this gloomy, rainy Monday morning 🙂 I’ll go check out the links you sent.

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